Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital punch card?

A digital punch card is designed to replace traditional paper punch cards in order to reward loyal customers.

How does it work?

Customers simply download the free Pirq app, and then scan the QR code (provided by Pirq) each time they visit your business to get a punch as they work towards rewards.

How much does the digital punch card program cost?

$30.00 per month for the standard program. Premium plans are also available that include email and push notification campaigns. Please contact us for pricing details at

What kind of businesses use Pirq's Digital Loyalty program?

ALL kinds! Current merchants include restaurants, retailers, recreation companies, service-oriented companies, beauty salons and spas, and many more.

What are the benefits of replacing paper punch cards with a digital punch card?

  • Better experience for customers: no one wants to carry a paper punch card for every business they visit. With Pirq, their punch card is conveniently located on their phone.
  • No more fraud: we've heard horror stories of staff punching out lots of paper punch cards and then giving them to friends to redeem free rewards. With Pirq, every "punch" is digitally tracked and monitored for fraud.
  • 100% trackable: since Pirq's program is digital, you now have a way to track every customer visit and view their history on your online dashboard.

For restaurants, is this program available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery?

  • Dine-In -> Yes. Have the customer scan the QR code in the restaurant to get a punch.
  • Take-Out -> Yes. Have the customer scan the QR code in the restaurant to get a punch.
  • Delivery -> Yes. With Pirq, delivery drivers are able to take the QR code with them and have customers scan the QR code with their Pirq app right at their front door.

Can a Merchant change their punch card requirements and reward at any time?

Yes. Merchants can change/update their reward whenever they'd like via the online dashboard. However, any customers who have already started a punch card prior to the change will have to complete their existing card before seeing the newest reward on their app.

Are there limitations to what the Merchant can offer as the "reward" after completing the punch card?

No. The reward can be anything that the Merchant wants to offer (Ex. Free item, % off item or bill, Meet the owner/chef, etc.) Merchants are encouraged to be creative and choose something desirable that helps promote their brand.

Can a Merchant give out 2+ punches?

Yes. The merchants can issue unlimited punches, if they'd like. Conversely, we can also set a maximum daily limit for each customer (Ex. Each customer can only receive (1) punch per day, which is controlled by Pirq through configuration rules on the backend).

Can a Merchant allow a punch per minimum spend amount? (Ex. Receive a punch for every $5 spent)

Yes. However the Merchant will need to regulate this process, as "spend" amount is not identified in the phone. For example, if a customer receives a punch for every $5 spent and then spends $15, then a staff member will allow the customer to scan the QR code three times.

What happens if my QR code is lost or damaged?

You can easily print a new QR code from your personal computer or contact us, and we can mail a new one to you.

Can a customer get a punch without buying anything?

Your QR code should be displayed at the point of sale behind the counter. This allows for the staff to verify that each punch meets the minimum requirement and avoid customers receiving punches who didn't earn them.

What are VIP offers?

A private offer that is available only to consumers after receiving a punch, which is designed to incentivize the customer to return quickly. (...think Starbucks treat receipt!). This feature is available in the $60.00 per month plan.

How long are VIP offers valid for?

The offer is completely customizable. Daily, weekly, monthly, or for as long as the Merchant would like to make them available for redemption. There can be time restrictions as well. (Ex. Come back between 2-6pm anytime this week and receive “X”).

What kinds of incentives can be offered as VIP deals?

Anything you'd like! The VIP offer is completely customizable (Ex. Buy One Get One, % off item or bill between 2-5pm, Kids eat for FREE with $20 spend anytime if you return tomorrow, etc).

How does a merchant login to their dashboard?

Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the "Merchant Login" button. The merchant will then be asked to login with the name and password that they created when they initially signed up.

What data can the vendor change on the dashboard?

Punch reward, venue tagline, venue description, and more.

Since the customers are signing up as a loyal customer to the merchant, will the vendor be able to access the customer information?

Yes. In the dashboard section, merchants will be able to view customer profiles and demographic information.

How do I create my company's profile page for the app?

The Pirq staff will assist with the creation of your page. You can make changes at anytime by notifying the Pirq team at

Can someone redeem a punch and a deal in the same visit?

Yes. It is possible for a customer to scan the QR code to receive a punch and then scan again to activate an offer. However, many Merchants allow one or the other instead of redeeming both, and since the staff has the QR code behind the counter this issue is easily resolved.

Once a change is made in the system, how long does it take to go live on our app?

15 minutes.

What is Pirq?

We're a free smartphone app that provides consumers with a convenient, digital way to earn amazing rewards and get instant deals at your favorite local businesses. With Pirq, you can easily manage your punch cards and search for nearby deals - all right on your phone! The more you use Pirq's service, the more rewards you receive. At the same time, our program delivers tremendous value to merchants through enhancing customer loyalty, increasing customer frequency, and optimizing off-peak hours to add profit to their bottom line.

How does the Pirq app work?

It's simple. After downloading the app, you can either accumulate a loyalty punch or redeem a Pirq offer at the desired merchant. When you arrive at the merchant's establishment, ask the staff for the QR code or, at some locations, you will see the QR code on a digital display. Scan the QR code through the Pirq app to activate the deal or earn a loyalty punch.

Is Pirq only for food and dining establishments?

Nope! Pirq originally launched with restaurants, but we have since expanded into other categories. Pirq users can now receive great rewards and deals at a variety of categories including beauty, retail, service, recreation and, of course, restaurants.

Where is Pirq available?

Pirq is available nationwide! So, if you own a business (or know someone who does!), contact us here to learn more about how Pirq can help your business.

Where did Pirq get its name?

Pirq is simply another more unique and fun way of spelling "perk". It began with our original one liner, which was "quality perks in real-time." Plus, it's just fun to say!

When was Pirq founded and launched?

Pirq was founded in February 2011 and the app was released in September 2011.