Pirq Up Your Business

Pirq's 3-step SmartYield™ program is specifically designed to boost customer loyalty,
increase the frequency of customer visits, and optimize peak and off-peak hours of your business.

Punch Card

Step-punchcardDigital Punch Cards

A 100% paperless loyalty program that enables you to track customer visits
and offer customized rewards to your best patrons


Perfectly Paperless

No one likes to clutter their wallet with various punch cards. That's why Pirq created a 100% paperless solution. To receive a "punch", our customers can either scan with their phone or send an SMS text.


Forget Fraud

Paper punch cards are often associated with fraud, not from customers trying to cheat the program, but also from employees giving out more punches than are genuinely earned. With Pirq, customers can only receive a punch by scanning or texting, and our system is designed to be fraud-proof from the ground up.


Track traffic & Give Rewards

Receive real-time data about your customer traffic including the day, time, and how often they visit your business. You also have the flexibility to offer customized rewards to your best patrons after they complete their punch card. Get creative with your rewards. The options are endless.

Step-frequencyCustomer Frequency

Get your customers to visit more often with fully customizable private VIP deals.


More Customers. More Often.

After your customers visit and receive a punch, automatically send them a private VIP deal to encourage quicker repeat business. Same day, next day or next week? It's fully customizable and designed to get your customers coming back more often.


Complete Control

Customize the day and time of each VIP deal and drive repeat business during slow hours. Boost business at the time of the day you need it.


Total Tracking

Login to your personal dashboard to view and track results of your VIP deals. Learn exactly which incentives get your customers coming back more often, and maximize each customer visit.

Step-yieldmanagementYield Management

Acquire new customers and boost business during off-peak hours.


Acquire New Customers

Pirq gives you instant access to tens of thousands of active smartphone users. In short, Pirq puts your business in front of a targeted group of customers - at the exact moment they are ready to buy.


Maximize Every Hour

Pirq's yield management program is designed to help you run a more efficient operation. We help you create a campaign that optimizes your busy times and increases customer traffic during your off-peak hours. Get new customers when you want them, and build a more profitable business - all day, every day.


Access Amazing Analytics

We track all customer activity so you know exactly which type of deals bring in the most new business. Login to your personal dashboard and review the data of each new customer visit, and then make adjustments at any time to maximize results. We provide powerful analytics to help you make better informed decisions.