Mobile App Tips

How do I find offers near me?

Press the "Offers" button in the bottom left portion of your screen to go to a list based on your GPS location. A list of nearby offers will appear. Press the "map" button to view this list in map format.

Press "Cities" in the top left corner of the screen as a shortcut to see offers in a particular area in the map view (Ex. where you're currently going). Note, that you can move the map around from this initial search to areas you are interested in finding offers. Each map move will refresh the view with the offers available.

What If I change my mind after "committing" to an offer?

No problem at all. Press "Uncommit" before the offer expires so that one of your fellow Pirq users can get the offer.

Am I punished for selecting "Uncommit" if I no longer have interest in the offer?

Not at all! In fact, we encourage you to "Uncommit" instead of letting the offer expire. (But there's more to this... see next FAQ.)

Three Strikes: What happens if I "Commit" to an offer but DON'T use it and DON'T press "Uncommit"?

Always remember that you are part of the greater Pirq community. If you commit to an offer but do not use it, then you are taking away someone else's opportunity to use Pirq and save. Very uncool - and the restaurant will be missing out on a valuable customer.

We want everyone to have access to the best offers possible. So, if you commit to an offer but do not use it, you will receive a strike. After three strikes, your account will be suspended for a period of fourteen days. During this time, you will still be able to view current offers and the live feed, but you will be unable to click "Commit" or "Redeem." This is the last thing we want to do! So, be conscientious, and if you commit to an offer, please honor the agreement you've made with the restaurant and us. And remember, you can always press "Uncommit"!

How do I know I've received three strikes?

Check your "My Offers" history. If there are three offers with the red text "Offer Expired and Not Redeemed!" then you have three strikes. You should contact our customer support if you have questions or feel as though your account has been unfairly suspended. We will do our best to listen and make things right.

When and how do I redeem the offer?

Hit "Commit," then show up at the dining location within the specified time shown by the app. Press "Redeem", which activates Microsoft Tag, built into the Pirq app. Hold up your phone to scan the Microsoft Tag, which should be located in the window of the establishment or near the establishment's cash register.

After that, a green timer will appear. This is the countdown clock showing when the offer expires. To receive the discount, you must show this countdown clock to the server while it is green, before it expires and turns red.

What happens if I redeem the offer but don't show it to the server until after it has expired?

You must show the server the offer when it is active (green). If it has expired, then the server cannot offer you the Pirq discount, so be sure to show them before it turns red. You must eat and pay within the specified time.

Is the offer on the whole order, or only one item?

Each offer comes with a set of rules, which can be viewed on each individual offer's page under "Rules" and "Fine Print". Unless otherwise specified, the offer is on the entire meal/order, not simply one entree, with drinks included most of the time - before tip and taxes.

Can I use a Pirq offer on happy hour menus?

Sorry, Pirq offers are not valid on happy hour menus or other already discounted special restaurant offers. Some offers will require you to spend a certain amount before the discount may be applied. Just keep an eye on the rules.

How do I tip the server?

See the rules section of each offer. Some restaurants will require 18% gratuity to be added to the original bill, before the discount.

So, if you have a meal worth $100 at 30% off, an $18 tip will be added, and then $30 dollars will be subtracted from the total. The final bill will be $82.60 (plus tax on the original $100).

For places without an automatic gratuity, we encourage you to tip what you feel is right. If you had a good experience, then why not be a bit generous? After all, once you've used Pirq, you can afford it!